Film critiques


It takes a good amount of black magic and revenge killing to become one of Tibet’s most well-known saints, and if you didn’t understand that sentence, you should see this movie about the rise of Milarepa from indentured servant to powerful mystic.

Henry Poole is Here

When the “bad stucco job” on the side of his house starts to heal people, Henry Poole discovers that he might believe in miracles. [Rated PG]

What We Do Is Secret

Darby Crash claws his way across the stage, spreading his Germs in the LA punk scene. [Rated R]


A couple traveling to Moscow fall prey to the kindness of strangers. [Rated R]

When Did You Last See Your Father?

When his father is diagnosed with a terrible illness, Blake (Colin Firth) tries to forgive him for being the flawed human being he never saw. [Rated PG-13]