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Can courses in photography, graphic arts, costume design, or jewelry-making be used for arts credit?
The New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards (NJCCCS) define the visual and performing arts as dance, music, theatre, and the visual arts. Courses such as photography, graphic arts, costume design, or jewelry-making may fulfill the graduation requirement if it aligns to the cumulative progress indicators articulated in the NJCCCS for the Visual & Performing Arts. The course must be taught from an aesthetic foundation as a function of creating art versus technical production.No, we do not sell label stock since the trademark and logo on the costume jewelry are properties of their respective holder.

Macro Photography Tips

Macro photography is close-up photography. You are able to get close to small objects and photograph detail. Macro lenses are typically 1:1 (”life size”). What this means is that the image of your subject is relatively the same size in real life. Below ar